About Us
We are GREEYE BANANA PICTURES, a service production company run by film professionals whose exclusive focus is film and TV commercial production. Established in 2013, GREEYE BANANA PICTURES combines a wealth of experience honed over 7 years in the production service business with today’s top-of-the-game film making skills. Our high professional standards and a thorough understanding of the region’s specifics allow for a smooth and seamless production experience so that your exclusive focus can remain to nail the big picture.
What else? Oh, yes: we specialize in offering the best possible production service in Rwanda.

Our services include: Fixers for international productions, Films Production, Photography, Location Scouting, Casting.


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Address: Kisimenti, Kigali, Rwanda
Phone: (+250) 0788315836
Email: info@greeyebananapictures.rw


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